At the body shop…

Sadly we are leaving Bob and Irina’s today and heading to St. Catharines to Gino and Marlese’s auto body shop, for a few repairs and a visit. But this means a moving day again although not far the preparations are the same whether 20 miles or 200 miles, I have a number of little stops, propane fill up, top off diesel, dump our tanks, as it will be a week or so before they get dumped again. This is when we have to switch to conserving our water usage as we prepare to start our trip south. So the chances to dump or take on potable water become fewer and further apart as you will see as we head to Arizona.

The repair on Thunder is at the very bottom of the entrance door as the aluminum is corroding, and we have some clear coating peeling in spots so we need to address both, and if not repairing each now at least have a plan to fix in the near future. As for the rust on the Sport-Trac there is a rust hole at the left rear of the cab that we need to correct before it gets too far advanced, my expectations are two or three days each so out of the shop by Friday and then depending on weather will determine when we head south but I suspect most likely by the weekend we will cross the boarder.

Epoxy applied

Just a short move today 24 miles (38 kms) but it took me about an hour and a half, topped up the propane, then topped off the diesel tank, then off to Grimsby waste water management to dump the holding tanks (for free) and all of that equals about 16 miles per hour…any way we are at the body shop and the bottom the entrance door is underway. They sanded and applied an epoxy to stop the corrosion of the aluminum, tomorrow we remove the door for sanding and painting, and reinstall tomorrow afternoon, and we are good to go. The Sport-Trac will not get fixed till spring and there is a small repair piece that we will purchase to do the repair then a little welding, and a little paint and should be like new. We will just clean it, add a little rust paint, and then add some oil to stop the rust for now.

We are settled in for the night at the auto body shop, pretty level spot, 15 amp connection, and going out for dinner with Gino and Marlese this evening. Now the one main concern for us being held up on a crossing was me getting glasses, well the eye doctors office called today and cancelled both of our appointments…and can’t get us back in till November 22nd…so I guess I’m looking for a new optometrist, like I booked the appointments two months ago and the best they can offer is 4 weeks down the road…thanks but no thanks. Has not been a good year for me dealing with doctors. So it looks like we should be crossing by the weekend unless something else comes up…just saying

Day 756

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