A busy Tuesday!

It is Tuesday morning and I seem to have been able to overload the 15 amp connection again, I have to admit I am just pushing the limit of the breaker, the load just has to be so close that over time it is overloading it. Our space heater is 1500 watts so at 120 volts is 12.5 amps, and the refridgerator on electric is 300 watts at 120 volts is another 2.5 amps which totals 15 amps and if the inverter tries to charge a battery…Yes that would explain everything…because there are so many other small draws as well…can you say new hybrid inverter?

So today we are removing the entrance door from the coach for sanding and painting, today is forcast to be a decent day with sun and a high of 18ºC or 68ºF, so our timing is resonably good, I know Miss Laurie is concerned about the door being removed but the paints that are used in todays automotive refinishing are difficult to use at best, and by taking the door into the paint booth, in to the controlled environment it will cure so much faster, and it will be able to be reinstalled this afternoon. It is no small undertaking but because the coach is too big to drive into the paint booth it is the best option that makes the most sense.

We have so many little tasks to complete to be ready to cross into the US, the list seems to be growing as we sit and think about it. Things to be cancelled, or put on hold, items to take as gifts (Nothin like a Canadian Gift Eh), products we just can’t purchase in the US (Rene’s Salad dressing), exchange of some money, last minuite maintenance, plus visits and those dreaded good byes, we are going to have to make a list, I just can’t keep it all straight anymore…

Our coach is now minus a door as it has been removed and is being repaired as I sit writing this blog I fact when I went to snap the photo it had already been painted and was in the paint booth, the clear coat is now on and we are just waiting for the clear to cure and by 3 pm we should be reinstalling the door. Modern day paints are difficult to use but the right people with the right products and the right equipment they are pretty amazing how fast paint repairs can happen. Well as we prepare to go for dinner with friends the door is back on the coach, all is well and we will be on the move tomorrow, may mooch another night in Beamsville as I have to do some rearranging on the packing of the coach and the Sport-Trac So Bob and Irena here we come…lol

Well first of all an update, shortly after I told the optometrist office not to worry about not being able to get us in as scheduled, that I would just have our eyes checked in the States over the winter, they called back to say that they could get us in at 1:30 today…amazing how a day ago the earliest was November 22nd and in less than 24 hours the got us both in…and that’s all I have to say about that. My prescription has not changed hardly at all so we will do some shopping for our new glasses in the US this winter

And dinner last night was with Teresa and Anito, it’s always great to catch up, and we went to the Mandarin in Niagara Falls which is a large chain of Chinese buffets, and luckily was not real busy on a Tuesday evening so we had lots of time to catch up on our life dilemmas and our travel plans. So we have made plans to hookup in February in one of Laurie’s favourite places Las Vegas, should be a good time, we haven’t been in Vegas for a couple of years and then it was just over Super Bowl weekend.

Editors Note: it has been drawn to my attention that I had made an error, first and foremost, I have to say I have made way more errors than one, since starting this blog, in fact some might think the whole blog idea has been an error, but this error that I speak of was a street location in a blog, I had said Lundy’s Lane and it should have been Stanley. I now have corrected this and it was simply a misunderstanding on my part, as I had been mistaken on this for a long time, as I truly had this pictured wrong in my head, and I’m thankful that it was caught and that I get to acknowledge it.

Day 757

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