Final Days

Wednesday and we are moving again, not far but it still is a move. This will be our last full day in Canada, the decision has been made Thursday afternoon after my last appointment we are crossing the boarder…and stopping at the Walmart in Niagara Falls, to restock all the supplies we had to use up to cross the boarder…silly yes but it is easier just to do it correctly that end up in a hassle.

So today, Miss Laurie has some final Canadian shopping (Ice Wine Jelly) to do, I have some packing to redo and a mess of paper to sort through, there are so many things that can just not be done until the last few hours before crossing as most companies are not real helpful, like our internet provider when I call to have the service suspended for six months it can not be scheduled, it happens instantly, if it could be scheduled it would be so much easier…but their job is not to make it easy or more people might do it…

This evening is visiting with Steve and Karen, Laurie’s brother and wife, they are the ones that make it possible for us to do this amount of travelling, they forward our mail to us as needed while we travel. It sounds like a small thing but it is a major item for us, because some thing just have to be done by snail mail. A last load of laundry, a shower before we hit the road with a full tank of fresh water, because we just don’t know where or when the next dump and fill will happen.

The rain has started, so I made the corporate decision not to put the slide out today, as the weather is going to be wet right through tomorrow and pulling in a wet slide is not a desirable choice so for the one day, things will just be a little tighter. One of the things we liked about this coach was the fact that you did not have to push the slide out to be livable. In fact the slide may not get pushed out again until Arizona, depending on whether we stop at an actual camp site, we would never put out a slide at a Walmart, or a rest stop, or a truck stop, we just feel it is wrong. I know many people can’t survive with out pushing a slide out, but we still think it is wrong, hell it isn’t a campsite it’s a box store, you might as well get out the barbecue and camp chairs…don’t ruin it for the next guy, just be thank full for a place to pull off the highway. I know I just caught myself falling into a full blown rant there…whew that was close…lol

Day 758