Westward Ho…

Arizona or bust…Well I have been poked and prodded by a couple of Doctors and that’s it till spring, my expectations were correct the family doctor wants a whole slate of blood tests, well that ain’t happening until spring, when I booked this appointment I asked if the wanted to email me a sheet for some blood work, they suggested that I should call back a few days before and they could fax me a sheet. Who the hell faxes anything today? my first thought was I need a new doctor! I don’t got no fax machine on this bus, I mean really how many of you have a fax machine? Sorry I couldn’t help a little rant, I still feel a bit like a pin cushion, its Thursday afternoon and we are headed for the boarder its a rainy crappy day but we are only moving a short distance today, Miss Laurie is in need of new running shoes so a stop at the outlet mall in Niagara Falls is our destination. Friday is looking to be overcast but dry so that will be a real travel day.

I’m badly in need of a hair cut, so I thought I would stop by my old barbershop in Fonthill to get spruced up for the road. If I have learned anything on the road it is a good barber is becoming a scarce commodity, and of course my usual barber left today for Vegas, but I need a hair cut so we will see how it goes. So my choices for a barber were a girl dressed like a male porn star big black mustach and all or the call girl from pretty woman…sorry no photo but use your imagination.

It is a dull, foggy, dreary day with temperatures only around 10ºC or 52ºF , you now one of those bone chilling wet days, the wind is suppose to pick up this afternoon which should make it real nice for the little tricker treaters, not so much. The rain is to get heavy about the time we are about to head out, oh well we are only going 30 miles (50 Kms) today, and it should be done by tomorrow morning when we head west.

Well I’m sitting at the last doctors appointment, I’m a little early, the door is locked, so I’m in the outer waiting room, I’m only 30 minutes early so just updating as I go. Money exchanged check, hair cut check, cookie nuts for our American friends check, booked doctor appointments for April check, cortisone shots in hips check, blood work for PSA test check, flu shot check, yearly physical check, almost have everything taken care of. Only thing left is renew my Legion membership, say a few goodbyes and crank up Thunder and aim for the boarder and see what the boarder police are up to today…

Well it is about 6pm and we are in the Walmart parking lot in Niagara Falls NY, it was a miserable drive although short, the rain has just not let up. Miss Laurie just warmed up some chilli for dinner and we will be venturing off shopping shortly, the boarder was not busy and it only took about five minutes to pass through.

Day 759

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