Southward bound….

It is Sunday morning and it’s another moving day, today we’ll have us heading south down I-75 toward Kentucky, I don’t suspect we will get much further than just into Kentucky today. We have coffee and moonshine planned for 9am this morning which is on the new time, as last night was the fall back from daylight saving time. I really don’t understand why we ever change back and forth anymore, everyone complains about it every year, and the nuisance of changing the clocks on everything is a real pain in the butt. The changing of the time on all the clocks becomes a chore as we head west, as we travel through a number of different time changes moving from Eastern through Central to Mountain and finally the Pacific time zone.

Well we hit the road a few minutes before 11am this morning, it was tough leaving the Ward’s, the couple of day just flew past, we enjoyed the conversation and being toured around the area. Butch and Betty are very special people to give of themselves so freely, both Miss Laurie and I are already missing them and we just crossed into Kentucky, so it would appear that Pemberville will be a planned stop in April as we head back to Canada.

The drive today was easy, Sunday through Cincinnati was a good move, the road seemed much better that a year ago, there is still some construction but seemed to be nearer completion, there was only two people playing bumper cars on I-75 so-we only had one back up all the way to Kentucky so other that one fuel stop we pushed right through to the rest stop south of Florence KY and are nibbling on some cheese and crackers for a late lunch, we have driven four hours and so now I expect to just move down 75 a few miles to the next rest area, as I remember it is much leveler then this one at Florence.

We settled into a rest area just north of Georgetown KY, it is a spot we have stopped at before, and if things go well we can get the end spot that tucks us in to the end spot so the left side of Thunder is by a nicely treed area and only leaves parking to the right. This help reduce the noise of the big trucks idling which makes sleeping a little easier. We are going to have an early dinner, watch a little TV and I expect to turn in early as we adjust to the time change, it was a little more travel today than normal with us putting on 255 miles (410 kms) but we knew this spot and we may have a little excursion tomorrow and this puts us very close…stay tuned

Day 762

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