Chandler OK

It’s cold this morning 28 or -2 degrees, we have been plugged into 50 amp service over night and had our space heater running, we have maintained a coach temperature of 62 or 16 degrees, not bad, the furnace has kicked on for the wet bay a few times overnight, and is on as I am writing this morning. It is about 5:30, the clocks have been adjusted, me not so much…and the radiators in the front of the coach have just turned on. We let’s talk about the drive yesterday 411 miles (661 kms), on the road at 9am and off at 5pm, much longer day than normal but we did stop for a half hour lunch break, we are at Oak Glen RV Park in Chandler OK, with full hookups for $28 US per night for 50 amp.

Thunder developed a cough or stutter yesterday as we were leaving Arkansas, I think it is a fuel issue and suspect fuel filters, so today will be locating filters and changing them out, so we extender our stay an extra night, to give me some time to repair Thunder, it’s still going to be cold here today 52 or 10 degrees and back near freezing tonight, then Saturday and Sunday look warmer before really cold hits over night on Sunday so we need to be back on the road tomorrow and into Texas then New Mexico on Sunday. I suspect fuel because it has developed quickly about half way through yesterday and has gotten worse as we progressed, almost to a limping condition by the time we made our destination, I suspect we picked up some dirty fuel on this trip so I will probably pick up extra fuel filters as it may reoccur as we travel, but I will report as we progress.

Well it’s noon and the fuel filter on Thunder has been changed, I have an air filter coming in today so I can change it as well, the air filter will be in by 2 pm so I will install the new air filter and then try out our repairs to see if we are ready to head to Texas in the morning and on to Albuquerque New Mexico on Sunday. That should get us west of that Siberian express that is rolling through the first of next week with highs of 30 or 0 degrees. Well the air filter was the wrong one so will be in Saturday morning, I took Thunder for a little drive and while not perfect is running better, so the issue is fuel. I will pick the correct air filter up in the morning and we will head down the road

Day 767

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