Hammer down Texas bound

Yesterday was a good down day, got the fuel filter changed, Miss Laurie did some laundry, used the oven to make some meatloaf, dumped the tanks, topped off the water, and just had a break from driving.

It’s Saturday morning and quite a bit warmer this morning and the forecast is for temperatures in the 70’s or 20’s with sun shine all day, so we are heading west, just to update the air filter did not get changed, the correct one that was to be in this morning, didn’t show up, something about a truck down. Said it was heading out of Tulsa this morning but I wanted to be on the road by 9am if possible, so I just got a refund, picked up another fuel filter and some Lucas diesel fuel conditioner. So back to Thunder and pack things away, put the old air filter back in place, add some of the conditioner, a quick bite of breakfast and we were on the road.

As we made our way to I-44 Thunder still has a little cough but much better than Thursday when we pulled in, as the fuel filter has made that much difference, I’m lead to believe that we just got some bad fuel. A fuel top up at the service centre on I-44 and just ease Thunder down the road, maintaining 60 to 65 mph, as we continue to roll, Thunder just keeps running better, pretty soon Miss Laurie has noticed we are running over the speed limit. Leaving Chandler and heading to Texas we are climbing continually from 850 feet at Chandler to about 2500 feet at the Texas State line and to 3500 feet by Amarillo TX. Well we have settled into a rest stop for the night, was another big day of driving, but the cold is driving us west. As we shut down just before 4pm the temperature is 75 or 22 degrees and clear sunny skies. Will be making a run into New Mexico tomorrow which should get us past the cold diving in from the north, now the cold will because of the elevation but sunny and 51 is much better than 28 for Monday’s high…just saying.

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