Storm Day #3

Woke this morning to more rain, and the forecast for drizzle and cloud most of the day, the overnight temperature was mid fifties or low teens. And as forecast the valley has received close to an inch of rain, which was badly needed and should make for a prettier spring when the desert flowers start blooming, but it’s just another cloudy overcast day that failed to provide us with enough solar. Our biggest issue is not having the depth of equipment to live off grid with out running our generator, after a couple days of poor solar collection, the batteries are showing their true lack of ability to provide us the power we need. But after this week we will be on full hookups till the new year, in fact this boondocking for a week was not even in our plans when we started, just happened because of the cold weather moving in faster that we had planned. What it has done is showcased our deficiencies, and given us a true direction to improve our ability our capabilities to boondock.

It was always our intention to purchase new lithium batteries on this trip, the timing was with hope of catching any sales around Black Friday or cyber Monday that could save us a few bucks. I’m still battling with quantity, but may start a little smaller and add in the new year if we need to, this can be done with lithium as they unlike lead batteries are designed to be self equalizing. Where lead batteries only come up to their weakest battery. Now we have to start checking for any sale and having the batteries shipped to our campground in Why, where I will switch the batteries and hopefully install a new inverter as we prepare for three months of boondocking until our trip back to Ontario in April.

To break the week up and to help fill a day, Miss Laurie and I went to the movies yesterday, we have not been forever, but I had this movie that I wanted to see. Ford VS Ferrari this movie was based on real life events at a time when I was just getting into the automotive business, and Carroll Shelby was well know in the Ford world, as he was involved in creating the only America built vehicle to ever compete in and win the LeMans 24 hour road race in France. There were also a number of Ford Mustangs that carried the Shelby name, they were always a little beyond my price points but having owned a number of Mustangs, they where always on my radar. In fact my first car was a Mustang coupe with a 289 that I used to do a little drag racing with, mostly on the track, you know legal like…just saying

It was kind of neat, went to a matinee show, and the theatre was quite busy, but just seniors, it was funny to look out and see all those old grey haired farts watching a movie about the sixties, me included. Miss Laurie got in as a senior, 55+ in lots of places in the States, so two tickets, two pops (Sodas), and two popcorns for $20. It was a great break, and we actually have a number of shows that are being released shortly that we would like to see, so I can see this being a do over in the near future. And what outing would be complete with out a stop at the local Hobby Lobby, well ok, while not a store I frequent, it does amaze me to see a store that big that has so many, different items for what ever your crafty calling in life is…enough said

Day 779

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