Hello Sunshine

Happy Friday

And then there was sun bright sunshine battery charging beautiful bright sun…oh yah by the way Happy Friday…today is pack up day, as we are heading down the road tomorrow, heading south on US-95 through Parker to Quartzsite and then east on I-10 towards Phoenix. We are booked into a RV Resort for a week, over the American Thanksgiving, this will be our base while I secure some new batteries and prepare for our month in Why.

Our stay in Why takes some planning, the closest grocery store is ten miles north in Ajo, it is an IGA and has a good variety and reasonable prices, but the closest department stores are a couple of hours away either Tucson or Phoenix, either way a full day outing. So as everyone asks why “Why”? Why is located at the “Y” in the road were AZ-85 and AZ-86 connect, it is two hours west of I-10 and Tucson and about one hour south of Gila Bend and I-8. So we learned about a little campground in Why from a YouTuber (Bob Wells) that explained it was a great value…and being our first booking of that length and at a price of $220 for the month we had to give it a try. So we were booked into the park for the month of December, our (my) expectations were not high, but what met us at that little park in Why truly changed our lives, and I mean for the better. I will explain further as time goes on.

Because we are booked into a fancy RV Resort in the Phoenix area we need to cleanup our act, including getting Thunder a bath, and getting the towed washed up from 2600 miles of road grime from out trip to the south west and a week in the desert. We will take Thunder through a Blue Beacon truck wash, while they don’t do a great job, they do a reasonable job and it’s done quickly. For the towed I may look for a “you do it” wash in our area as with the kayaks and bikes it is a little more difficult, no automatic washes for us, no this will be a manual wash hopefully I can find a coin operated wash.

There is a chill in the air this morning, as the overnight temperatures have dropped to near 50 or 9 degrees, but the forecast today is clear skies and sun all day, the batteries will appreciate that as they can get a full charge from the panels. The highs for the day are 18 or 68 degrees, not the mid to high 80’s from before the rain but a little more realistic for the area and time of year. Over the three days of this storm Phoenix has received almost two inches of rain, and had lots of localized flooding, part of Phoenix even had enough hail to accumulate on the ground to turn it white, and just up the elevation Flagstaff has received 4+ inches of snow, anything above 6500 feet has received snow, California has even got some needed rain. Our expectations for temperatures during the winter in the desert are high sixties with nights in the low forties. Our perfect temperature is 70 or 19 degrees, and with no humidity we will take a little higher but that’s about all, that was why the above normal and humid temperatures of Florida last year were just simply uncomfortable.

Day 780

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