Winslow AZ

Happy Tuesday! Only got down to 30 or -1 over night, but with almost no wind it doesn’t feel to bad, it’s almost 6am I have to admit we are (I’m) not adjusting well to three hour plus daylight time change, I’m struggling to stay up to 9 and I’m awake at 3, so if some of the posts seem to jump around more lately, it is probably because they do. We crossed from New Mexico to Arizona yesterday so we were at 7200 feet again as we made the trip we travelled 211 miles (300 kms) yesterday which is much closer to our normal, we are on the part of Arizona they call the high country so as we toured the sights yesterday it was sunny and 68 or 18 degrees almost perfect for a 3+ mile hike, but because of the elevation it is so much cooler than Phoenix which was 85 or 26 yesterday and is only 100 miles south and about 4000 feet lower, the humidity is only between 20 and 30% so the temperatures do not feel the same as they did back in Ontario. You know it’s a dry heat or cold, how many times have you heard that? But it is a reality, the below freezing temp this morning is not the same and we are going back to 60 or 14 degrees today as it’s going to be sunny again today!

Now as wrong as this will sound yesterday was not a good solar day, we came from full hookups, then drove three plus hours, sat in the park welcome centre for three hours, than drove to the truck stop, fuelled and settled in for the night as the sun set, so only about 54 amp/ hours were brought in, the reason the battery bank was full, the panels could have produced so much more if we had needed it, today will be different, the furnace has been running battery voltage is around 12 volts and the bank is at about 75%, I may have to fire up the generator this morning to run the inverter, although sunrise is only about 40 minutes away so we may make it through without the generator.

Miss Laurie want to see the corner in Winslow that it described in the Eagles song “Take it Easy” which describes standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona and includes a girl in a flatbed Ford, all of which are at said corner, so some more Kodak moments today. We are then moving only an hour west to a casino which has a RV parking area, near Flagstaff to spend a couple of days, one at the Grand Canyon and one the Sedona area just south of Flagstaff, before heading to the valley and much warmer temperatures.

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