Phoenix bound

Saturday morning and it is a moving day, I packed most things yesterday afternoon, this morning I just have to lay the solar panels down, and secure the stepladder to the coach and we should be good to head out of Craggy wash. Now you have to understand all BLM areas are what is referred to as dispersed camping, so there are basically no rules as to where you can and cannot camp. Most people have enough sense not to park in the middle of high travelled areas but not every one so this mornings exit will be a little tight because of an over abundance of stupid people gathered in my immediate area, two vans parked directly behind me and some fool in an old ambulance parked almost in the middle of our exit point. Now you all know my tolerance level for stupid is very low, so we will see how it goes.

Our schedule is not tight today, and while we have about a four hour driving day, it is not a difficult day, our reservation is not until tomorrow so after a spa day for Thunder, we will most likely just hunker down in a truck stop for the night, there is a Loves near the wash.

Well we are hunkered down at a Pilot truck stop, we have not unhooked the towed and been to the truck wash yet, we will do that in the morning, it is four o’clock and we did not get a real early start. The mile drive out of Craggy wash was very slow as the route has a lot of ruts and boulder since the water ran down it the other night. Miss Laurie picked up a few things at the blue sine store as she waited for Thunder and I to make it to the back of the store to hookup. It’s a pretty drive down US-95 through the valley to Parker, and not so pretty into Quartzsite, a lot of the stores are not even open yet, I suspect many will open on December 1st as this sleepy little desert town grows from a population of less than 900 to 50,000 by the end of January.

So the plan for tomorrow is a late start, unhook, Thunder gets scrubbed, and then we make our way to the Resort for noon. Well that’s the plan at least, we will see how it happens. Phoenix is a very busy metropolis with multiple smaller towns creating the area known as Phoenix valley. We are heading to El Mirage it is a little north and west of Phoenix proper, it’s a small resort a quick look, I’m thinking 1600+ sites, but most of the reviews are good and it is part of the Roberts Resorts Group…not our usual type but Mr. Ray sent us a coupon, so what the heck we had a week to kill and it had a golf course and pickle ball courts…just saying 👍

Day 781

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