El Mirage – Monday

Ok the shock and surprise of yesterday has passed, what I was thinking would be a quiet week (then the Air Force fighters flew over shortly after seven o’clock), with full hookups and good cellular service, I now think it will be a very busy week. With lots of things going on. This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States of American, this is the week. I’m hoping to purchase our lithium batteries, we would like to get in at least one round of golf, pickle ball is planned for ten o’clock this morning, see what I said busy, busy, busy…just saying.

Well we survived pickle ball, no injuries, not saying there won’t be some pain tomorrow, but nothing that will leave a mark. So it’s early in the snowbird season, lots of people don’t come to the resort till after Christmas so the courts were not too busy, one of the pickle ball Ambassadors said there are over 500 registered players and 16 courts, people that are here for more than a week pay dues to keep the courts up, purchase balls and such. The resort has well over 1000 sites and with that many players that is a pretty good percentage of players.

Our afternoon was spent touring the facilities here at the resort, pretty much anything you think of is available to do here, 18 hole golf course, pickle ball, tennis, lawn bowling, horse shoes, pool, hot tub, banquet hall, billiards room, card room, stained glass, sewing, wood working shop…you kind of get the idea, you can be a busy as you want or just take time to do your own thing. There are fruit trees through out the park, this month is lemons, next month oranges, followed by grapefruit, just pick all you want, some people have pick them and just put them out in boxes so you just take what you need. This was followed by a couple of cocktails and some more catch up time.

The decision was made for the six of us to out for Mexican, while there are lots of restaurants to choose from I always like to pick a locally owned business and I think we picked a winner, warm and friendly staff, Miss Laurie spoke highly of the $1.99 margaritas, the food was flavourful and good sized portions, I know I had a doggy bag. The restaurant was located just 8 minutes away and while busy the service was quick, and again the food was fresh and tasty.

Dinner @ Rio Mirage Cafe

The night went downhill we we got back to discover that we blow a water line and had partial flooded out the coach, the water line in the water closet had an elbow give away, dumping a 1/2” steam of water into the coach. It was not a difficult repair, I was able to find a repair elbow at the local Home Depot just a few miles away, and the repair was less than 5 minutes. We are thankful that some one passing by seen the water and shut off the water supply, just makes you wonder why a plastic elbow would just break with no outside influence, but that’s just what happens sometimes. Go figure.

The culprit!

Day 782

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