El Mirage – Tuesday

Well it’s early Tuesday morning, our overnight temperature was 44 or 6 degrees, while it isn’t warm, it is well above freezing our expected high for the day is only mid sixties or mid teens it will be great for our 10 o’clock pickle ball outing. There was talk about a trip to the sauna after dinner last night but I’m not thinking it happened, I know after our little water issue we just watch the voice on television and headed to bed, I fell asleep quickly even though the fighter jet (F-35) were still buzzing overhead.

This morning has me mentally beating myself up for not having caught that plastic connector that let go last night, but other than changing it just because it was plastic it had been no issue for over two years. One of the neat features of our coach is that there are not suppose to be any connectors, but at some point before we purchased the coach someone had changed the commode, and the previous one must of connected differently, and for some reason they added the connector that failed. I have replaced it with a brass fitting but the damage has already been done, we have the heater / fan running to dry everything but it will take a day or two. There was enough water that it ran onto the road in front of the coach, again thank goodness some one noticed it and shut off the water supply, $8.50 for the repair if I had just thought to do it before. Oh well enough beating myself up, that’s what I have friends for…speaking of beating up…I’m not even feeling too bad after pickle ball yesterday.

Miss Laurie is preparing dinner for everyone tomorrow, I think lasagna is on the menu, one of the advantages of full hookups, being able to operate the convection oven, I’m looking forward to dinner already. I’m not sure what the plans are for after pickle ball today, I think mine will be finding a grocery store, and I’m thinking a couple bottles of nice wine could be in order. Booking a tee time to work around a couple days of rain will be another task, and finding a nice restaurant to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, with the gang, and we have to work happy hour in there some how…just saying.

These are the signs that need to have the correct punctuation is it slow, seniors at play or is it slow seniors, at play… just saying. Here is a couple photos of some of some of our seniors at play

Miss Laurie and Bob
Ray & Karen
Happy Hour

Day 783