El Mirage – Wednesday

Wednesday, the day before the American Thanksgiving celebration, now Thanksgiving is a celebration that our US neighbors take real serious, any time you schedule a holiday on a Thursday, has to be done with the intention of creating the long weekend celebration a real big deal. On the commercial side one of the biggest shopping days in the States is Black Friday, living as close to the border as we did for a number of years, it was not uncommon for car loads of Canadians to cross the border to partake in the big sales. Now our Canadian retailers have jumped on the Black Friday band wagon, and not to be outdone our Canadian Tire stores (which are a large chain of stores all across Canada) are now having a Red Thursday sale before the Black Friday sale. Now as Canadians who have our thanksgiving celebration on the second weekend of October, we have always seen the November celebration more as a sales opportunity, we have seen the news broadcast that shows total bedlam at shopping centres with people punching each other, just to get an inexpensive television…just a wee bit crazy. Don’t get me wrong, being Scottish I love a good deal but I would never get into a fist fight to get a deal.

We love our America friends, but you have to admit, there is a lot of commercialization of most American holidays, as if old President Abe Lincoln really cared about what flooring you purchase or what car you drive, commercially there are endless opportunities, but in some cases I do think they do cross the line. The world loves a deal, but it’s just like any holiday, family is what it’s all about, be it your related family or your chosen RV family. We feel honoured to be part of the Thanksgiving celebrations of Ray and Karen this year, they have chosen the life of nomadic exploration of this vast beautiful country, as opposed to the confines of sticks and bricks that so many consider normal. Like seriously what your expected to do is not always what is right or best for you as an individual, and having the strength and foresight to break from tradition and take the path less travelled is great, but it is at the family designed celebrations (Christmas and Thanksgiving) it becomes a little more difficult.

Today there will be a ten o’clock gathering for pickle ball, and I have to mention Miss Laurie in back to her old habit of sneaking up too quick, if your reading this Butch, she needs a little reminder…just saying. Around noon Bob and I are going to play eighteen on the resort course, and I suspect there could be a little hot tub time this afternoon for some of the crew. Miss Karen and I checked it out yesterday and it got our approval, the heater is down on the swimming pool so that was not an option, and it is early enough in the snowbird season so nothing seams too busy yet, except me trying to take in as many things as possible and spend as much time as possible with everyone, in our short time here as a group, before we each head off in our different directions for the winter. Bob and Miss Shari are heading west to the Colorado river, Ray and Miss Karen are heading east to their resort, and Miss Laurie and I are heading south to Why.

Day 784

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