America Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our America friends and family.

Thursday morning and all is well, if you don’t count the fans still running to dry the carpet in the coach, we feel very lucky that this was not much worse. The amount of water that passed through that broken fitting is massive, about 14 US gallons (53 litres) per minute. We were only gone from the coach for two hours, someone thankfully had seen it and shut off our supply, and there are some restrictions like regulators and filters, but the amount of water is a large quantity. When I accidentally knock over Mr. Sams water bowl that is enough water so just imagine a 1/2” hose running into our coach…I mean seriously!

The big rain storm that the news has been forecasting, seems to be avoiding us so far, I do believe we will get some rain, but I don’t believe it will be any thing close to what they were forecasting. Temperature wise the high is 65 or 16 with overnight of 51 or 11 so not to bad at all, now the rain is to start about 1 o’clock and rain all night, maybe it will or maybe it won’t, so far it appears just to be a moving target and more guess that anything.

Everyone went out for dinner this evening, we went to a Cracker Barrel that was just a few minutes away, now I have seen busy Cracker Barrels before but I have never seen this kind of busy. Ray called just before we left to put his name on the waiting list and was told there would be about a forty five minute wait, and if you have ever been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant the operation runs like clockwork, you are seated, your drink order taken and your meal follows a few minuets later. As a Canadian we don’t have this chain in Canada, but have visited a number, good food, served quickly, and for thanksgiving they have a modified menu featuring a turkey dinner with all the fixing, including a soft drink and a piece of pie. Excellent valve and with the limited menu, the table turn over is very quick.

We feel very privileged to have been able to enjoy a thanksgiving meal with some of our RV family, as I am finishing this blog, that rain storm is finally getting here, I’m stuffed, and yawning, while watching a Disney Christmas special (holiday celebration, for those politically correct individuals) and it’s only seven o’clock. We spent a couple of hours at the billiards room playing a little eight ball, well attempting to play a little eight ball would be a closer description, not that I’m trying to make excuses, but I found it very difficult to play with my bifocals, I cannot even remember the last time I played pool, I was thinking ten, and then I’m thinking it is probably closer to twenty year since I played. Wow time just keeps sneaking by, so many things when I stop and think baseball, bowling, both twenty years just to name a couple.

So it appears that we are in for about twelve hours of rain over night, the winds are picking up now, I just put everything away that I could, by noon it will all be over and the sun will come back out for the weekend . See I said this would be a busy week and it is disappearing much to fast for my liking, oh well we just need to enjoy it while it lasts…just saying.

Day 785