El Mirage – Friday

Well it’s finally raining, I mean thunder and lightning, kind of raining, but it doesn’t seem to be too hard, a steady rain, and my main thought goes to the spring colour in the desert. The forecast is for sunshine by noon but it will be a cooler day as we are very close to the days high temperature already, but at least we are not parked in the middle of a wash today, but again the rain has come overnight. The sun came out before noon and it warmed up a little but it’s going to dip into the thirties overnight and just be in the fifties tomorrow before warming up for next week.

It’s Black Friday, so not the day you want to go shopping or at least a day I don’t want to go shopping…so we went shopping…well it was just Costco so apparently that didn’t count as a Black Friday shopping destination. We needed to stock up for our month in Why, it’s not really close to anything, so there are just some items that are not available in the area and if they have the item is a lot less expensive. The store was busy but not real crazy and we managed to purchase more than we had planned, apparently that always happens when Miss Laurie lets me go with her, I’m not sure I believe that is the case at all, but it is what it is, and I only picked up a couple of items…like really.

So we spent the afternoon playing eight ball again as most of the park is still really wet, drainage is not one of the Arizona builders strong suits, in fact in most cases it falls into the fail category. There was a noticeable level of improvement from the previous days event, took a couple of beverages with us and a pound and a half of shrimp as an appetizer before going out to the grill on site for fish and chips. Dinner was good nice flaky cod lightly battered (I had the grilled salmon), but just frozen fries, good French fries are real hard to come by in the States. A fry truck could make a killing here, doing fresh cut fries, fry trucks are real common back in Ontario, there are some better than others, but most are far better than fries, they would go crazy for the Lions Clubs ribbon fries.

A little 8 ball

Day 786

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