Ho hum

Have you ever been looking foreword to something so much, that when it happens, and doesn’t seem to live up to your expectations, it just leaves you wanting. That is kind of how we are feeling about this visit to Why, now don’t get me wrong, we are enjoying ourselves, but it just isn’t quite as we remember it. There is probably a few dozen reasons why, and as much our doing as not, part of it is the park as there have been many changes, some of which don’t make a lot of sense. But again it is a small village and if you don’t agree with the people in power, they can and will make your stay less comfortable, there seems to be a lot of power tripping going on. Many of the people we came to see are here and most are well, obviously age does take its toll, and as they say time waits for no man.

We are doing some maintenance on Thunder, I spent quite some time resealing our slide, there were a number of cracks in the chalking, so some new chalking and some spray sealant should resolve any leakage issues. There will be a steady stream of deliveries arriving over the next week or so as we have to gather items while we have a campground that will allow us to have items shipped. I ordered a number of items yesterday that should pretty much complete the power upgrade, I will add updates as it happens, some items will be temporary installed until repositioning can be done, hardware and required items are real scarce here and will be much easier to source in Quartzsite. Right now it’s just a waiting game and tracking all the different shipments.

Mmm mmm goodness

Enjoying some meals that are a little difficult to cook when boondocking, garlic shrimp Alfredo, shrimp from Rocky Point in Mexico, fresh roasted garlic, mmm mmm good, we also went to tasting the other evening, it’s kind of done like a pop up, here it’s a different chef each time and he prepares a few different items this one consisted of Mexican shrimp cocktail, Greek Spanakopita, and flan or raspberry crumble for desert, while each were tasty, I’m not sure it was good value, and each came in a different take away container, so there were just way too many little plastic boxes. They take your individual order so they could have just as easily put it on one plate or one large take away container. The amount of trash that was created was just stupid, they gave us compostable utensils, than had plastic boxes, and paper bowls, and afterwards it all just goes into a garbage bag…our America friends are not the best at recycling…just saying

Mexican shrimp cocktail

There is going to be a potluck on Friday for happy hour, we are looking forward to that, I think I will barbecue chicken drumsticks, as the local grocery store has them on for $0.49 a pound, they have some great bargains each week, but they have them as daily specials, so the meat is on special on Thursday and the produce is on special on Friday, just a wee bit of a pain. There is also a farmers market on Thursdays and Saturday that always used to have some nice items so we will be checking that out as well. I have been working at some maintenance but I haven’t been working too hard, that will change as more items arrive and time starts to run shorter….

Day 791

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