December 7th 2019

It 5 am Saturday morning, the temperature is 50 or 9 degrees and the forecast high for the day is 73 or 21 degrees, just about normal for this area. We attended a happy hour / potluck last night, I barbecued the chicken we had picked up on Thursday, precooked it for 15 minutes in the Instant pot, and finished it on the grill, must have been ok, as no leftovers came home. Had a nice fire, it was held here at our park but attended by some our neighbors from Coyote Howls West and a few of the snowbirds that have purchased in the area, now some things just need to be mentioned, our park only has five sites, and they are all full, two are occupied by what is referred to as wall workers, now the wall people leave at about five in the morning and don’t return till after dark. They are part of the crew erecting the wall on the Mexican border, the other two sites are occupied by two single ladies who we met the first night we arrived. So around the fire last night we met the two fellows working on the wall, one fellow is a crane operated, he’s only 23, the other fellow is a foreman, about fifty, both here by themselves, working from their trailers.

Now as you know I don’t do stupid, and apparently I’m not real partial to drama either, and we seem to be getting a lot of that from the ladies, we got here about the same time as the ladies about a week ago, and we met them at our first happy hour, and every one seemed to be real cordial, well that seem to have gone to hell in a hand basket, now they are feuding like the Hatfields and the McCoys. It all started on Monday when one went and dragged a picnic table from the others site, then there was a big flap about a tarp (no pun intended), now to the best of my understanding, they aren’t speaking, and we are only seven days in…like seriously. Thankfully we are kind of separated from everyone else, so I don’t get to hear or experience any of this first hand, or I might be tempted to express my opinions (I know you will find that hard to believe), on their childish behaviour. But it is this kind of stupidity and inconsiderate actions that can sour everyone, now we know after two years on the road, that this behaviour is not correct or is it acceptable from kids let alone adults, I mean if your site is missing a picnic table, ask management, don’t steal your neighbors.

So today’s excitement will be a big trip to Ajo to the farmers market, and I understand there is a flea / craft market at the community centre here in Why. It has been a busy week, well that’s not totally true, but I have kept busy enough, with lots of little repairs, I have a number of items enroute, that I purchased this week, so I have delivery dates on some items and other items I don’t, I even have one item the UPS seems to have misplaced, the note I got was “due to operating conditions your package may be delayed” that was at 10 am yesterday, makes it sound like their truck was stuck in a snow bank. But as of 5:53 this morning it seem to have been found again, but I’m not getting it till Monday, so that’s four days from Phoenix to here, all 90 miles of it…just saying.

I’m aware the holiday times are adding to everyone’s shipping issues, and none of it we are in dire need of but the difficult time consuming items should be here next Friday, most of them are coming from Maine, hmm, six days from Maine, four days from Phoenix something just seems wrong with that, This little upgrade means everything needs to come out of the basement, like I said pretty big job but will make a huge difference to our ability to boondock in the desert. And with a couple of months of that planned (January and February and maybe March) it will be a welcomed upgrade, if we just knew someone qualified to do the install…lol.

Day 795