Overcast Sunday

Well it’s almost 11 o’clock, Sunday morning, and so far I have accomplished nothing, and it’s not looking good for anything getting accomplished today…

As a bit of a follow up, yesterday was not a real productive day either, but we made it to the market yesterday, and again disappointment, two years ago at the town square, lots of venders would be spread around the beautiful grassed area, now there seemed to be three separate areas. There was an area that was to be the “Farmers Market” it is held in a parking lot near a little cafe, but there were only four or five venders and only two that really would fall into the category of a farmers market. Then there were some venders jammed up against the retail stores around the town square, most of them were what I would refer to as crafters, this area had a sign calling them “Artesian Market” great if you are looking for things. We don’t buy things, they don’t lend well to the minimalist life style of full timers, now the fellow that we used to by our bread from was there, the price was still the same, but the loaf size seems to have shrunk to half the size. Then there was another area, that used to be the only area, with about half a dozen venders, a couple of artists, paint, photography, even a collection of cacti, again not what we are looking for as full timers. So the market was another disappointment, but there is obviously a political struggle happening here, it’s too bad because it takes away from the whole small town feel, it just doesn’t feel right, there is almost a tension in the air.

Our other stop was at the community centre in Why, and there are really no terms that fully explain what happens here, there are some venders selling hand crafted items, the senior group has a flea market area, that is a just make a donation for items, there is a snack are with burgers and such, and tables out side with more manly things, again not what we are interested in, although Miss Laurie picked up a Why tee shirt.

We had a little rain last evening, not enough to even knock the dust down, we sat out yesterday, had a couple of cocktails, but we didn’t accomplish much more. I ordered some more items from amazon, for a generator service, a new air filter for Thunder, and I need to replace my tool bag, I have had a DeWalt backpack style tool bag but the zipper has given out, and now won’t stay closed. I’m looking at approaching it a little different this time and the first piece I ordered was picked wrong, so now I have to return it, and have reordered the correct one.

It’s an overcast day here in southern Arizona, the Phoenix area is getting rain today, the temperature is 64 or 16 degrees, not a typical Arizona day but still not too bad, tomorrow we are planning a day at the Organ Pipe National Monument, and maybe a little trip to see Trump’s wall. I think there are a lot of the wall workers staying in Ajo and the area, which could be what is causing much of the problems in the area, we heard that in typical greed one of the campgrounds in the area doubled their price to drive out many long term people and make room for the wall workers, but the big flood of workers didn’t happen, now the prices have came back down, but the area has lost that quaint small town feel. Whether that is good or bad will remain to be seen, the reality is the workers are short term at best, but will change the landscape of the area for every. Pitting businesses against each other, a far cry from the atmosphere that we felt a couple of years ago…just saying

And in closing…Butch what the heck happened yesterday, was the Buckeyes team bus late to Lucas Stadium? It seemed they missed the first half of that game, but at least they showed up after halftime…