December 11th 2019

Well it’s only fourteen days till Christmas, but some of my presents landed today, yes my big purchase from cyber Monday, was delivered by FedEx, yes this has been almost a two year wait, after realizing our coach batteries were on the way out in January 2018. We have nursed them along till now, watching their voltage fall off much too fast, and the solar system bringing them back to 100% just to have them near total failure every night. Yes this is long overdue and although this install is most likely temporary it should bring us online to a much better boondocking experience.

FedEx brought me six boxes late yesterday!

This is a major investment, and a decision that I have not made lightly, it’s after many hours of research, and many conversations, that we decided to pull the trigger, and the fact that we were able to score a significant saving by purchasing these batteries on cyber Monday, just allowed us to purchase a couple of extras (hence the temporary install). I purchased blemished batteries, they still have the same performance, still have the ten (10) year warranty, but with a $250 dollar saving per battery! Talk about a Scottish Christmas, because they are for a solar system there is no sales tax (score), the shipping was included (score), and we will shed weight even adding more batteries. In fact just three of these lithium batteries would have given us as much usable amp/hours as the four AGM lead acid coach batteries, and I still have trouble getting my head around that one.

Voltage between 13.42 and 13.5 out of the box

These Battleborn batteries are blemished, what that consisted of was couple of the cases weren’t as neatly sealed as some of the others, I checked every battery as it came out of the box, voltages were all even and I really had to look to see the “blemishes”. There batteries retail at $1049 each, because I was one of the first callers on Cyber Monday, I got the special pricing of $799 for these blemished batteries. I have emailed Battleborn twice so far and in both cases I got a return email within minutes, as I had to reprogram the charging rates into our BlueSky solar controllers, because now it’s all about taking care of our investment and getting the most out of our system. I just got a notice that our new inverter should be here tomorrow, hopefully I will have the first four battery’s installed by then, I only managed to get two installed today, as I have had to make up new cables for every connection.

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