February 1st 2020

Brrr it’s a crisp 41 or 4 degrees this Saturday morning here in the desert near Quartzsite and the forecast high is for the low seventies or twenties, after a big day yesterday today will be a relaxing day. Again I have the boiler on to take the chill off of the coach. The batteries are good this morning yesterday was one of our best solar harvests and I’m expecting to have a good day today with nothing but sun in the forecast.

Mr. Sam has expressed his displeasure with being left alone all day yesterday, he has regressed from that independent cat that wondered into our lives a little more than five years ago. He has turned into a cuddle kitty, oh he will put on a good show…but he still needs to be cuddled after he wakes up and just loves to be held and petted. Well it was a good day for Mr. Sam as he made it outside a couple of times today to enjoy a beautiful day in the desert between his naps…

Today I decided was a good day check one more item off my todo list and to clean the barbecue, it was just due for a good cleaning, it’s about six months old and has done a fair bit of cooking, before the comments start…I do clean the grill after each use with a scraper and brush, this barbecue has been a good choice, after cleaning today I barbecued pork chops for dinner and I also cooked a tube of breakfast sausage patties, to be warmed up for breakfast for the next week or so. This cleaning involved the removing the burners and removing the crusties from the bottom of the que, cleaning the scrap tray, and scraping the bottom of the grills, it doesn’t cook any better, it just looks cleaner.

Our electrical system is working the way it is suppose to, (and I had hopped) we use power as we normally would if we were plugged in, oh there are a few restrictions like no air conditioner, but we try to avoid areas that need a lot of air conditioning. So every night we use up about 220 to 250 amp hours of battery and everyday the panels recharge the batteries to allow us to do it again. We have (well to clarify Miss Laurie has) made bread with the bread maker, used the instant pot, and tomorrow will make chicken wing dip in the oven, all without the need of the generator. So today by about 2 pm we topped off the batteries, the solar controller, finally made it to a float charge. To day our solar system brought in about 362 amp/hours while the day before the harvest was 418 amp/hours because we were recovering from a cloudy day and our bread making, but neither effected our normal living…just like being plugged in…just saying.

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