Super Bowl Sunday

February 2nd 2020

Sunday morning at 5:30, 42 or 5 degrees, in the desert south of Quartzsite, not really a hot spot of Super Bowl Fever….just saying.

Have you ever wondered any of these thing? Why does the NFL use Roman Numerals to distinguish the Super Bowls? Why don’t they play the Super Bowl on Saturday night? Why are there so many talking heads analyzing the game for six hours before the game? Why are 20% of the Super Bowl played in Miami? These are just a few of my questions…like Roman numerals, hell most kids can’t read a clock with hands so I’m pretty sure they are not being taught Roman numerals. Think of nursing that hang over on a quiet Sunday rather than Monday morning at work. All these has beens analyzing the new kids and it drags on and on repeating the same thing over and over, starting with the PrePrePre game show…like seriously. And Miami great place to visit but not a place most would think of for football, there was a huge panic when it looked like there could be bad some weather…football is best when it’s played in the elements, I know it’s not as nice for the half time show…boo hoo it should be all about the football, the halftime show it not what the Super Bowl is about…

There are some advantages to watching the super bowl from the west side of the country, one being the game is televised two hours earlier, I mean like seriously why start the biggest game of the year so late on a Sunday that old farts like me can’t see the end? Although there have been many Super Bowls that were over in the first quarter, that is the problem with two weeks of hype and build up for the biggest game of the season and quite frankly it sucks…and the NFL has had some seriously bad games. The other issue is the officiating, or the lack there of, look at the lack of officiating in last years Super Bowl, that took the Saints out of the game, in fact probably the worst Super Bowl that I can remember, and I can remember a lot of them.

Especially when you remember back when the game was the big event, not the half time show, not the commercials, not an extra week of build up, when we wanted to see “The Game” not this dragged out two weeks before the game, of nothing but commercialization of every possible thing. Think of the players that have trained and worked hard to earn a coveted spot in the big game, to spend two weeks with every press conference being asked the same question over and over by some reporter that doesn’t know shyt about you or the game, but was lucky enough to get a press pass and is now trying to impress someone with the perfect interview question.

The Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers, a pair of young arms as quarterbacks, and from what I have seen it has the making of a real good matchup. I personally just glad it’s any body other than the Patriots, especially after the fiasco last year. We watched from Florida last year with friends at Oak Grove, the year before we watched by ourselves from The Oasis RV park in Las Vegas, and this year from Quartzsite the pinnacle of viewing locations. This year it will just be Miss Laurie and I again with a big dish of chicken wing dip, that I don’t have to share with our friends, we will watch from the comfort of the coach and if it ends up being another Super Bore we will just watch something else…you can’t do that with a crowd, because there is always that one guy who thinks his team is going to defy the odds and come back to victory, and I can’t wear my pyjamas when we are out in public, apparently I need to be a few years older to pull that one off.

While I’m just really hopping for a good game, I guess I have to hope for the Chiefs as it’s been fifty years since their last Super Bowl win, and even though they are favoured today that whole 50 year thing has to loom large. While the 49ers have been one of the winningest teams in the league they are on a bit of a Super Bowl drought of their own, here is my prediction for the big game….

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