Congratulations Kansas

February 3rd 2020

8 o’clock Sunday evening and we made it all the way to the end of the Super Bowl, it was a real close game, until the Chiefs come to life in the fourth quarter. Yes they staged a pretty strong comeback, took advantage when any given the opportunity and forced some timely turnovers, and after a fifty year drought, were probably favourites for quite a few fans whose teams were long out for the season. So a heart felt congratulations to the Kansas Chiefs on a hard fought win!

Our last Monday in Quartzsite, as we start north on Friday, or we aren’t going too far, only north to Plamosa road BLM for the weekend, we are hoping to hook up with “Love your RV” a Canadian YouTuber, who has been traveling for a number of years, Ray is one of the people we followed as we prepared and planned to go full time. We reached full batteries again today, but I’m going to dig in today to see what I need to do to run new cable from the solar controllers to the batteries.

Well today’s weather is windy, which in Arizona means dusty, so today’s forecast is for a high of 55 or 13 a big change from the 80 or 24 of yesterday in fact the next three days will be cool with overnight temperatures near the freezing point, but as we look across the country weather map, I think were ok with our forecast. As I scan some of the over night news, it has been amazing how many people and Presidents, didn’t know the Kansas City is actually in Missouri. Those are probably the same tourist that used to come to Niagara in the summer with their skies looking for snow…aw I miss some of those days. It’s amazing in a world of information being at your fingertips on almost every electronic device that you don’t look up some information or data like where the Super Bowl champions are from…just saying

So we are on the last few days of President Trumps impeachable show, you can’t call it a trial, you can’t even call it a hearing…because everyone seems to agree with what happened, even the Republicans seem to understand that what was done is impeachable, they just don’t think it’s worth of removal from the office. Hell even the president says he did it as he gloats that he can do what ever he wants. As an outsider the whole thing is unbelievable, and more entertaining than most reality shows…like you can’t make this shyt up, and everyone is either in one camp or the other, but it is becoming very apparent that no one is getting voted off the island just yet…but I don’t think it’s over yet.

The crowd at Quartzsite is dwindling, well at least the short timers at the LTVA, there are still the ones that are here for the season, but the 14 and 28 day group is really thinning out, the reality is unless you are running the ATV trails, or running around with metal detectors, once the big tent collapses so does a lot of Quartzsite.

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