Election updated

Sunday September 19th 2021

So tomorrow is our Federal election, and the majority of the people that I have spoken with have indicated that they were voting, for whom I have no real interest, but summer elections in Canada usually have very poor voter turnout. So if the turnout is strong it usually means that the voters have something to say.

First of all let me say that I am fully aware that the only poll that really matters is the Election Day poll, but the last poll that I seen had both the Conservatives and the Liberals each at 32%, which leaves 36% to be divided up among all the other parties so if the NDP (New Democratic Party) gets the 20% as that they are sitting at now, they will again be the party with the controlling votes, which gives them the opportunity to get much of their agenda implemented, when their votes are needed to shore up the party in power.

The large turnout will be for a lot of different reasons, there is a dislike for Trudeau for a long list of reasons, starting from his fathers arrogant attitude when he was prime minister, right up through all of his improper political blunders, and I’m sure some are just making him pay for calling an unnecessary election during a pandemic, after he said he wouldn’t. O’Toole has preached a strong right position, on gun control, abortion, and climate change but he has changed direction with his election platform, in fact so much of a change that the Conservative party is now the big spenders, and have taken a much more liberal approach to climate and guns, and I can’t believe we are still trying to control a woman’s rights to control their own body, I mean like really are we some off chute of a repressive talaban society like Texas or some other Arab country?

Who will win this election is a real crap shoot at this point, either party will have little or no effect on my life, none of them are going to solve the big ticket issue problems that need fixing in my lifetime. And let’s be realistic, they never do what they promise, that is just a reality, so it’s kind of like buying sushi at a gas station, it looks really good all dressed up for sale, but we also know looks can be very deceiving, but with any kind of luck it won’t kill many of us, oh we may be sick for a day or two but there again it is what it is. As George (my dad) used to say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear, but put enough lipstick on it, can look ok in the right lighting … jus’saying!

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