What the heck!

Wednesday September 22nd 2021

It is a couple of days after Canada’s federal election, and thirty six days after being called, we are pretty much where we were before the election was called. The results are another liberal minority government, oh maybe a seat or two more but still twelve (12) seats short of their desired majority.

This map as much as it looks like a five year old was colouring it actually shows the results of yesterday’s election.

And the reason I’m using it is because it shows the the political division in Canada by the provinces, and there is some very convincing relationships as to the COVID vaccination rates. It is Alberta and Saskatchewan that are struggling with the fourth wave because of their low vaccination rates, and provinces like Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island who have the highest vaccination rates also are seeing lower forth wave cases.

So as the map shows the blue conservative areas are the high case areas while the red liberal areas have less cases and also have higher vaccination rates. And Ontario is blue except for the metro Toronto area that is almost all red, and Ontario’s vaccination rate is better than the western provinces but lower than the eastern provinces.

So what happens now? 600 million dollars and thirty six days later and we are right back where we started with a minority government.

So this is when all the political parties have to look their party leaders, especially the one that called the election in the first place. As well as the Green Party who’s leader has failed to get elected for the third time, the NDP and Conservative leaders that failed to make any gains, and the PPC party that got no people elected at all and even the Bloc party that’s only mandate is to have Quebec separate from Canada … I know but it doesn’t have to make sense when it political.

They have done it again, the Americans have just kicked the land border crossing for Canadians down the road again. So now the report is that they are not opening the border to Canadians till after October 21st, so what does that mean for our winter travels?

So here are the vaccination numbers from September 19th, so if it is not safe to let Canadians into the United States, than I hope the newly elected government of Canada closes the border to American travellers immediately as they a full 13% behind us on their vaccinations.

Keeping in mind that I can fly to any American city with an airport on a plane with a few hundred perfect strangers, keeping the land border closed makes about as much sense as, well I can’t think of anything right now. Now I do appreciate their concern about my health because of their vaccination failures but I am willing to risk the impending danger of getting infected by the border guards, because that is the only contact we would have at the land border as opposed to all those other passengers on an aeroplane.

So we are still playing the waiting game, as our departure date nears as we now have under thirty days left at LHR (Lake Huron Resort). Three weekends left in this camping season and a week of winterizing before we roll out.

Today is the first day of Ontario’s vaccine passport, well it’s not really the passport yet, because the QR coded app is not ready yet, so right now we are just using the certificate of vaccination along with personal identification. And we are hearing from a lot of small businesses that they should not have to police this, and I agree but the only other option is most likely another lockdown, so this seems like a better choice to me.

And for those people that think it’s unfair and it’s an infringement of their rights, all I’ve got is oh well. It’s a far better choice than a fourth lockdown, for people that have got vaccinated and have no problem wearing a mask in public to protect those that have a medical issue preventing their getting a vaccination, and for those that are afraid of any possible side effects of the vaccine, you should be thrilled that you can stay home where your safe from all the unknowns of modern medicine.

Yes I know that was a little sarcastic, but a quick look west to Alberta should be a quick reminder of where stupidity will get you, and I for one don’t want to be locked down again this fall. As someone that has followed the guidelines put forward by the medical community to keep me safe and well I have little or no patients for some fool searching the web for any information from Dr. Google that contradict real medical facts. I do believe that you have a right to make your own choices, but your choices should not negatively effect my rights either, and keep in mind that you are fast becoming a smaller minority as your fellow anti-vaxxers are now getting the shot to enable themselves to travel and enjoy their lives at eat in restaurants … jus’saying.

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