Goodbye CMR

Sunday September 25th, 2022: Well it is 6:45am and Mister Sam is playing with a cabinet door, just pulling it open far enough to let it bang closed, our coach has no end of cabinets, and he just does this to get us up, and it obviously has worked again. So Mister Sam has just had his morning treats and by seven o’clock I’m being rewarded with some valuable kitty lap time, I’m off shift today and actually only have one day shift left tomorrow. Miss Laurie on the other hand has three shifts in the office left, so she is off to to the office this morning, while I’m left behind at the coach with Mister Sam as I clean up a number of items around the coach and get the toad packed.

Well it was a busy, busy day, so now the toad is loaded, with just bikes and kayaks left to load, the campsite is pretty much packed up, the rugs are up and folded, just have to move the coach off of the flag pole base, but by now I’m pretty much whooped and after Miss Laurie got back to the coach she made pizza for dinner and we caught up on YouTube videos before calling it a night.

I would be amiss if I didn’t take a moment to mention the destruction caused to Port-aux-Basque in Newfoundland by the brutal hurricane Fiona. As we watched the news and seen how this typical little Newfoundland seaside village was ravaged by the storm surge and the beating continually by the waves. This touches us personally was we spent a lot of time in this village when we last visited Newfoundland, and we met so many amazing people from that area. To our RV family in Newfoundland, please be well and stay safe, and know our hearts and thoughts are with you.

Monday September 26th, 2022: Six o’clock and the call of nature, got me out of bed this morning, Mister Sam was still asleep on his cat post but wasn’t long getting up for his morning treats. Well today is my last shift at Country Maples RV Resort, and while I wasn’t looking forward to it I was looking forward to it being over. I need to finish off the packing the coach and I want to wash the coach before we pull out, so I need to get through today. I wonder what will be on my task list today?

Miss Laurie has shifts today and tomorrow, but wants to catch up on all of the laundry before we hit the road. Breakfast this morning is a couple of eggs easy over, some perked coffee before we head off for our work shifts. We had a report of a black bear in the park this morning, one of the staff let her dog out, and he immediately started to bark, when she went to see why there was a black bear at the back of her site, but she had no photo so as we told her there is no real proof.

Well today was full of crappy tasks, task one was the Gem EV car, it is quitting, and setting a code 15, and according to the innerweb it is because of low voltage, my voltage tests had found a defective battery, but after replacing it with another used battery, it does not seem to be charging properly. So I load tested all the batteries and three more batteries failed the load test, my conclusion … it needs six new batteries! This is not the first time that I have made this recommendation … jus’saying.

Next there was a couple of new signposts that needed to be dug in, then a little tractor work, to clean up an area at a campsite entrance, then there was a septic tank riser that needed to be installed, dug in by hand, in an occupied site, and finished the day by replacing some rotten landscaping ties at the clubhouse. So a day basically full of dirty little tasks, but it is officially over and I’m free!

Back at the coach shortly after four, Miss Laurie was well into the laundry catch up, and we spent the evening just kicking back, we had samosas for dinner before watching the most recent epesode of “The Rings of Power” before watching some Halloween baking competition on the food network just what you should watch before turning in for the night.

Tuesday September 27th, 2022: Well 6:30 apparently is my start time for my first day of freedom, there was no Baileys in my coffee this morning, I guess that’s because today is Miss Laurie’s last day, her last four hour shift in the office. Again Mister Sam was asleep on his cat post when I got up, I’m thinking this is maybe because of the new fall daylight hours, as we slipped into the fall season sometime last week when I wasn’t paying close attention. Pancakes for breakfast this morning, before I head up on to the coach roof to start the coach washing process, I knew it would be dirty up here but it was much worse than I was expecting.

So I spent over two hours cleaning the roof, and this was just a mediocre clean up job, not as detailed as it really deserved, and with the amount of tree sap on the roof, I will most likely be cleaning it for some time to come. But for now I was able to get the worst of it cleaned up, I needed to clean off the solar panels as we will be boondocking a lot as we head south. After the roof I started around the coach, but couldn’t get to the drivers side because of where we were situated in this site, I needed to unhook and move the coach over, the process had taken till noon with one side of the coach left to wash.

Our Beaver is buckled in and ready to go!

Next the bikes and kayaks, on the toad, by now the site is pretty much cleaned up and I have moved to a pull thru site for the night, the toad is already attached to the coach, everything is packed up, and we are ready to pull out early tomorrow. This afternoon we went to a gathering to celebrate a birthday for one of the staff members, it was a bit of a weird gathering with the birthday girl leaving early, which changed the whole dynamic of the get together, shortly after we left as well and returned to the coach, and Laurie made tacos for dinner because it “Taco Tuesday”.

We left the coach in travel mode tonight with the slide in, as we will most time when boondocking, it is easier and everything is still totally accessible with our slide in, this is one of the reasons that we loved this design and layout. So one last load of laundry, some showers, and we are pretty much done for the night, we started watching a new series “Resort”, lets just leave it at the jury is out on the this show, but it filled an evening, I’m thinking that I will sleep good tonight, because I’m tired.

Wednesday September 28th, 2022: Sorry but there’s not really much to tell here, we had tucked Thunder and the toad into one of the pull through sites last night, so we could just fire Thunder up before eight o’clock, unplug the power supply and we could drive straight out by eight. There will be no breakfast this morning, we are only going north on the TransCanada to Ladysmith today, as have a service appointment for Thunder is scheduled for 8:30, so we will have time to get some breakfast after we arrive. So by a few moments after eight o’clock CMR (Country Maples Resort) was in Thunder’s rear view mirror – now let the adventures begin as we embark on three month of new sights and experiences!

As we leave CMR our journey begins again!

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